About us

The partners behind the SureFile Accounts Service are among the leaders of the project to introduce XBRL in the UK. They have unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the correct use of XBRL and its application in HMRC and government. As well as providing the SureFile Accounts Service, their company, Xmetric Ltd, is providing a key consulting role for business on the current and future use of XBRL.

Andy Greener has served as an Enterprise Architect in HM Revenue & Customs' e-Services and Business Tax programmes for 13 years. He was also strategy architect for HMRC's Company Tax online service. He was responsible for the pioneering introduction of Inline XBRL into the service and was a member of XBRL International Inc's Rendering Working Group during the creation of the Inline XBRL Specification. He is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Information Technology Professional with 40 years experience as a software engineer and architect, and holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of York.

Bob Bishop is a software engineer with 50 years experience of the design and implementation of software, network and telecommunication systems. He has worked for a wide variety of clients internationally; he is a Chartered Engineer, holds a B.Eng degree from the University of Sheffield, and is registered as a European Engineer on the FEANI Group 1 register.

Keith Roubaud is a design engineer with extensive technical experience of development and implementation projects in the semiconductor and telecommunications industries. He has managed a number of large IT projects delivering commercial enterprise systems. He is a Chartered Engineer and holds a B.Eng degree from the University of Sheffield.

The SureFile Accounts Service uses XBRL validation software from Corefiling Ltd, which provides the same validation software to HMRC and Companies House, as well as supplying other leading XBRL applications. For more information about Corefiling Ltd see our Partners page.