Announcing support for Charity accounts

We're pleased to announce that SureFile Accounts now fully supports all versions of the UK FRC Charities taxonomy with charity-accounts-specific rules to supplement the FRS102 rules that continue to apply to UK charity accounts. All versions of the UK Charities taxonomy available at this point (2016, 2018, 2019) are supported.

The support includes accounting rules covering all aspects of the charity-specific
Statement of Financial Activity in place of rules for the FRS102 Income Statement / P&L, including the summary income and expenditure account for charitable companies. In addition, the Companies House Filing Rules applied by SureFile Accounts have been expanded to cover their online filing requirements for charity accounts and charity group accounts. Note that only accounts using the CRN entity identifier scheme can be filed to Companies House; accounts that use the "CHA" registered charity identifier scheme cannot - in these cases the Companies House Filing Rules are not applied by SureFile Accounts. Charity accounts using the CHA registered charity identifier scheme can still be filed to HMRC as part of a CT Return, and must therefore still conform to the Joint Filing Common Validation Checks (JFCVCs) required by HMRC.

UK Charity accounts are also still subject to all the additional checks applied by SureFile Accounts, including conformance with the HMRC iXBRL Style Guide, conformance with the Companies House Technical Interface Specification (TIS) and full Numeric and Date Assurance.