How to use the SureFile Service

The core of the SureFile Accounts Service is the Subscriber Account Page. This page enables subscribers to upload iXBRL accounts files, see the results of latest and previous validation attempts, track their account status, manage secondary users and extend their subscription.

Subscribers are directed to their Account Page as soon as they log in. Click Subscriber Account Page Sample to see an example of this page.

Results of a validation attempt are shown on a separate Assurance Report Page. This states whether the filing is valid, gives information on any errors which have occurred and also provides warnings and advice on issues that will not cause a rejection of the accounts but which preparers may wish to fix. Error message information centres on the SureFile Accounts explanation of the error, supplemented by the technical message which may give further necessary details. The Assurance Report page gives UK users the option of also testing their (error-free) accounts anonymously via HMRC’s Test-in-Live service. Where the filing is valid (with respect to HMRC's filing requirements) a numeric and date assurance report is also included. This details any monetary, numeric, percentage, negation or date exceptions that we have detected by analysing the accounts.

Click Assurance Report Sample to see an annotated example of the assurance report, including a full numeric and date assurance report.

The main functions of the Subscriber Account Page and Assurance Report Page are listed below. Use of the pages should be self-explanatory. Click on the titles below for more detailed descriptions.

Subscriber Account Page

  • Upload of files, including selection of industry sector.
  • History of results. This shows results in chronological order, enabling subscribers to view previous validation reports on company accounts they have tested. Results can be filtered for easy searching.
  • Account management (see below)

Assurance Report Page

  • Normally available within a few seconds of uploading a test file.
  • Basic Pass / Fail information for each assurance category.
  • Error, warning and advice messages, giving Surefile’s explanation on how to find and fix the problem. Where possible, this includes a ‘location’ button which highlights the position of the error in the accounts.
  • Selection of the HMRC Test-in-Live option and results from Test-in-Live (UK users only).
  • Monetary, numeric, percentage, negated items and date exception tables for accounts that have passed filing validation.
  • Accounting rules for FRC Full IFRS, FRS101, FRS102, FRS105 and Charities for both UK and Ireland.
  • Print and download options for SureFile and HMRC results.

Account Management

  • Purchase more submissions (either as more attempts or expanded entity coverage).
  • Switch charging option from per attempt to per entity, or vice versa.
  • Change password and email address.
  • Set up secondary users in an organisation. This may be useful for larger organisations with a number of staff involved in preparing accounts or with a large number of accounts to file. Secondary users will have their own login and User Account Page through which they can make filings. This page will have the same features as the main Subscriber Account Page, except that it will not include account management functions.
  • For more information on account managers and secondary users in larger organsations, click on Account Management.